Akwi Memorial Foundation offers scholarship to young and talented children from Momo Division to study at the St Louis University Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences. This is a 10 year program which started in 2007/2008. The Organization graduated its first batch of 8 Akwi Scholars in December 2010. Presently there are 30 Akwi Scholars studying at the St Louis University Institute. This Scholarship Program starts in October every year. Since its inception, the Akwi Memorial Foundation Scholar Program has realised amongst other projects, the following:

  • 10 students selected for the Akwi Scholar Programme sponsored by St Louis Higher Institute of Health and Bio-medical Sciences in October 2007 for the 2007-2008 academic year. These students studies Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy and Health Sciences at the Institution.
  • 8 students received financial assistance. One of them pursued a Bachelors degree in Agriculture Engineering at the University of Dschang, three were in High School, one in computer hardware maintenance and two in vocational training (apprenticeships).
  • AMF is providing counseling and supervision for one student at Bambui Polytechnic who was sponsored by an American partner. The Foundation received the funds as a targeted donation, monitored the progress of the student and provides periodic reports to the sponsor

This kind of service is increasingly being demanded by individuals living and working out of Cameroon who need a reliable and efficient organisation to carry out specific assignments in Cameroon. AMF is honoured and privileged to be invited and trusted to serve in this way